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We work with our customers from the conceptual stage. Our seasonal staff with years of experience in the industry can provide you with information ...more


Kianco Building Materials Industries produces high quality, economic and technological materials which are being prepared according to the current life  ...more


Although some chemical manufacturers produce and sell consumer products such as soap, bleach, and cosmetics, most chemical ...more


Outreach activates of the Kianco Foods include the Cultured Dairy Products Short Course, The Pasteurizer Operators Workshop, and the Ice Cream ...more


Kianco Industries products development and manufacturing process outsourcing result in better products faster. Bringing to market more profitable products with less complexity, providing results linked to your business objectives. These events involve sales and marketing, design engineers, accountants, manufacturing and operational managers, and other interested parties to ensure new product development projects can be delivered faster, and with improved business results.

Kianco Industries is serving a diversified range of industrial and commercial markets. The organization's core competency has evolved over the years and currently includes outsourcing the design, manufacture and distribution of diversified line of products.

We provide OEM manufacturing outsourcing services on one of the broadest lines of products. Kianco Industries offers a leading variety of standard and custom designed products manufacturing consulting services to meet your unique criteria, providing reliability and a value added edge appropriate for each application.
Our business methods, guided by comprehensive quality-based initiatives, focus on customer driven and responsive metrics which are designed to further create value for our customers, both in the products and services we offer.


Kianco Electric Industries provide manufacturing outsourcing on one of the broadest lines of electro-mechanical assemblies and motion control ...more


Kianco Electronics Industries is dedicated to outsourcing a full spectrum of quality contract Electronics manufacturing services. Kianco Electronics Industries is a ...more


Kianco Instruments Industries is now a leading force in outsourcing Scientific, Industrial, Surgical and Health Instruments, Equipments, Consumables ...more


Kianco Machinery Industries uses extensive experience and advanced technological capabilities to develop and manufacture parts for all make ...more

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